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Open Ch21 Quest 83 - Create Enchantments undercounts creations


Tetris Master
Game version: v1.181.4-(e320c1e) - html5 (2023-08-18 14:40)
Game world: US6 Sinya Arda
Browser + version: Opera One(version: 101.0.4843.43)
Operating System: Win10
Screen resolution: N/A
Account name: iamthouth
Humans or Elves: Human

Reproducibility: 5/5 (1/5 = happened once; 2/5 = happens randomly; 3/5 = happens sometimes; 4/5 = happens often, but not always; 5/5 = happens always)

Quest title: Three Gods

Current situation:
__Create enchantments states any except CCs. Creating 4 EE only moved the counted by 2. Creating another 3 EE moved the counter by 2. Then when documenting this, creating 4 EE only moved the counted by 1!

Expected situation:
__Counter for quest should have moved 4+3+4=11

Reproduction Steps
__Create Enchantment
2. __Speed up creation
3. __Collect from Magic Academy
4. __See collection amount is correct
5. __Check quest counter is underreported

Add more steps if needed. Include only ONE action for each step!

Screenshots of the bug:


Tetris Master
Trying another type, same error. 5 Power of provision this time, still only counted 1. Quest does say "create". Is it perhaps only counting collections, and counting multiples as one collection?