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Change idea to the Notifications


I've been thinking about this for a while now, and I'd like to suggest a change to the notifications box. I'd like to have tabs added. One tab for Fellowship notifications. One tab for trade notifications, and one tab for neighbor notifications.

My city in Elcysandir is large enough that it takes me over an hour to visit all my neighbors and help them. At least one has been inactive for at least 6 months. It's becoming a grind to go visit everyone. I wish there were a tab in the notification that showed me which neighbors were helping me, so I can go help them before visiting the world map. I know there are a few, but the get bumped off my list when all my trades are accepted, or when my fellowship visits and helps me.

With the different tabs, the important information wouldn't be lost as quickly.


Mathematician par Excellence
Hi everyone! There were quite some ideas about improving the notification features. We combined these ideas to 1 clear plan. Please read the details below and vote for this if you want to :)


The Notification screen should get a major overhaul, making it more user friendly.

At the moment, the notifications screen is not user friendly at all. Various options have been proposed and we combined them into what, according to our community, the screen should look like.

The Notification screen should have 4 different tabs:
  • Trades - Listing all trade notifications.
  • Ancient Wonder Rewards - Listing notifications about Ancient Wonder Rewards (NEW functionality - very much requested)! Should include: Name of other player, Name and Level of Ancient Wonder, Exact reward
  • Neighbourly Help - Notifications about received Neighbourly Help.
  • Other - For all other notifications. Suggestions for this tab: Finished building upgrades, Scout finished.
Upon returning to your own city when you have performed Neighbourly Help from the Notifications screen, the screen should be back on it's previous page (to avoid having to scroll all the way there again to perform the next NH in return).

There should be a "set" time for storing notifications (e.g. 72 hours).

Also: The notifications should be deletable by the player.

The new screen would be much more user friendly. Players can browse to the notifications they wish to see and can delete any notification they've read and don't want to see anymore. Furthermore it adds to transparency when players can view their rewards for helping in Ancient Wonders. It would take away the confusion about these rewards which we see happen quite often and would give a clear overview.

Possible downsides
From the player's perspective none. For the company: We would have to invest time to do the rehaul and the AW Rewards would be a new functionality which has to be created, but it would definetely be worth the effort, contributing a lot to the community mood.

Unfortunately that's from back in November, but hopefully it's one of the things the devs are working on in the background. This and the somehow faster neighborly help that was hinted at last Q&A.