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Recruiting Chaotic Cult Recruiting


New Member
Greetings! :elf::human:

Chaotic Cult is looking to replace some of our inactive members. Currently getting 10 chests in the tournament with our current lineup including the inactives, so expect the same (or more) if we can fill the spots with active players!
Players in ANY chapter are welcome to join - we have members in chapter 6 all the way through the end of chapter 20, as long as you participate in Tournaments (and ideally Spire) on a pretty regular basis, you are welcome here!

We regularly have trades up, and KP threads to maximize reward chests from ancient wonders. Currently ranked 47 on Khelonaar.
Ideal boosts (but not mandatory) would be some of the following: planks :plank: steel :steel: scrolls :scroll: silk :silk: elixir :magicdust: dust

If interested, respond here or message Maavra, Caanna or Sea Land in game.
If not interested join anyway =)
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Still recruiting multiple players! Any boosts, any chapter is welcome to join (ignore the full roster, we'll be removing a few inactives once we get replacements). Feel free to apply in game, or send a message!
If you're not sure if this is the fellowship for you and have questions - you can respond here or message Maavra, Caanna or Sea Land on Khelonaar.