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Chapter 20


New Member
How do you compose an elven dance in chapter 20? I made all the songs but missing something.


Chef - Scroll-Keeper - Chandelier Swinger - EAA
Welcome to the Forum @DiMar2 . By chance have you seen the video on Chapter 20 ?

Please let us know if this helps and answers your questions. Also you might take a look at the Sorcerers Scrolls of Knowledge in this Forum under Guest Races / Chapter 20 , you will find useful information.
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New Member
Why did no one answer this question? The original poster said she tried all the songs and they didn't work. So it must not be in the Harmony Grove?


Chef - Scroll-Keeper - Chandelier Swinger - EAA
@Malino .. the question was answered by the video obviously or the player figured it out for themselves. It clearly states if it doesn’t help let us know…. That was Oct 19th almost a month ago.


Tetris Master
@DiMar2 @Malino An Elven Dance is the name of a song production in the Harmony Grove.
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