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Feedback Chapter 21 - The Vallorian Legend


Scroll-Keeper, Keys to the Gems
Sounds like Beta Deborah. Methinks we're in for a buggy FA.
Also the Announcement date stamp is misleading, it looks to have been written two days ago and only released now.


Tetris Master
Minimum Prey trail layout I can find uses 23 Prey trails, but comes at a prize of a slightly longer road into the Vallorian Tower. Prey trails require supplies and Orcs, so if short on those it could be an option. I'll likely go with the 30 prey trail option.



Enevhar Aldarion

Oh Wise One
Looking at the tech tree for chapter 21 over on Beta, it looks like the three troops getting upgraded to 4 stars will be the barracks heavy ranged, frogs, and dryads, meaning they are making us wait until chapter 22 before we can have any/all of the three mage troops at 4 stars.

Deborah M

Oh Wise One
I played around with the new guest race so I could plan what all I need to store and it turns out that it isn't too bad this time :)


I stored some buildings already but I really need to be able to upgrade magic residences to get it ready. I don't see any reason to store armories until I need the space. No reason to miss out on the troops.

I posted this in News from Beta and then realized I should have posted it here. Sorry.


Tetris Master
That is a nice square layout in a 5x6 expansion layout which I can see fitting nicely in a corner.

It does use 11+11+8+23=53 Prey Trails, 30 more than needed, which times 8,000 Orcs each is an extra 240,000 Orcs and 49 mill supplies.

Here is one a little less square for 40 Prey Trails, my earlier post had 23 and 30 Prey Trails options.

and another one quite square also with 40 Prey Trails, curtesy of @cb5691 from beta.

But this might be my new favorite, 33 Prey Trails, in a long slim pattern, which will save roads as well.
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Deborah M

Oh Wise One
@iamthouth I have way more than plenty of what is needed for the trails. I just prefer things organized in a way that is easy for me to use and close to symmetrical, so this works well for me. :) I have plenty of space for this chapter, so I am happy with the layout I am using.


Set Designer
Good morning,
Does anyone know where I can get a city planner that has the chapter 21? Thanks.

Most have been posting from elven architect. What are you looking for? A grid for arranging buildings? Costs and production of the new buildings?


Tetris Master
hhmmm, interesting. Community work is needed in great quantities, but you can't rush it. You can add more residences, you can boost it with higher culture, but you can't instant it in any way as far as I can see.

Thus, with space at a premium, a high culture boost becomes important, and the strategy of using the Great Bell Spire/Crystal Lighthouse, combined with Watchtower Ruins, and Lighthouse of Good Neighbourhood, would prove useful in this chapter.
I have none of those three, so will see how I go.

With regular production per day of 96 per Magic Residence, and 16 Magic residences, it would take 33 days to earn all the Community Work needed. But given it is needed for both research and constructing buildings, and production, it is a constant balancing act. And it means production can't be concurrent while you save for the buildings and research, so the timeline drags out.

I am already fed up with the 2hr productions again, I had hoped that was the number one lesson from the earlier chapter which had it, don't do 2 hr productions!
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