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Check All Workshops


Well-Known Member
Game version: v1.88.5-(3cc083c) (2019-09-20 14:15)
Browser: Google Chrome Version 77.0.3865.90
Flash Player version: N/A
Operating System: Windows
Reproducibility: 5/5
Severity: Cosmetic

Current situation:

When using the new "start production in all idle buildings" checkmark on the browser client, after selecting a production, the sound effect plays for every building simultaneously.

Expected situation:
I would personally just play the sound effect once.

Reproduction steps:
0. (Make sure sound is enabled)
1. Have a lot of idle Workshops (the more the easier to hear the difference)
2. Click one to open the production dialog
3. Check the checkbox at the stop of the production dialog
4. Choose a production (e.g. click one of the six production buttons)
5. The "production started" sound effect will play x N times (based on number of idle buildings), overlapping, very loudly, and likely causing clipping if there are enough of them

(Great checkbox, by the way!)