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Cities that need to go away


Well-Known Member
Players quit the game. That's a given. When there is no activity for months and months, those accounts need to be deactivated and if they are diamond accounts they should then have an option to be reactivated with a penalty of some sort. A minor one but a penalty that can be reviewed.

Many players go to each world and do the minimums for the 600 diamonds with no intention of ever going back to play them. Those need to go away as well. The result of all of this is that we have non-responsive neighbors that the world wide in place systems must react to and that response is simply to move them to another neighborhood where, once again, there will be no activity. Servers are already strained and there is no need for the additional loads so lets just unload 'em.


Well-Known Member
Agreed. I started a couple cities by accident when I first started, and one on purpose until I figured out I was a one-city kind of player, lol. Even when I asked Inno to delete them, they said they could not. Even if there were some sort of notification system in place, a warning of sorts: Warning, you're city is about to be removed from the world map on such and such world, etc...

I just wish there was a fix for this.


Well-Known Member
I believe that the movement of inactive cities to the outer rim of the map is what Inno was aiming at when they changed it a while back.
Yet if a city has its auto movement turned to off it is not automatically moved.
Perhaps there should be a monthly or quarterly reset of all movements to auto, with notifications to all players that it is being done, which would hopefully overcome being in an inactive area or having inactive neighbors.


Well-Known Member
I think this option only affects movements to a better location (in Inno's terms). I don't think it has any impact on moving to the boonies, this is automatic and cannot be prevented for inactive cities.
MinMax I'm curious if you know if this is also true for inactive cities with an active account on a different world. I know of a couple cities in my NH where the player abandoned it to focus on their favorite city elsewhere and these have survived at least 4 rounds of clean-up since the new changes.


Well-Known Member
Are you sure about that @MinMax? I know the text refers to it as a 'better' position (though 'better' is definitely in the eye of the beholder in many instances ;) ) but I have examples similar to those of @AtaguS. I have my city set to 'not allow' in a neighborhood I've been in for 3+ years now. While there's been lots of movement out of many of the cities that were inactive, there's the one right next to me that has been inactive since before I was moved here and it has survived all the clean-up rounds so far.


Well-Known Member
The current system is aggravating. I've hoped to move since I started, and never have. I check regularly to confirm I'm still toggled for a move.

I've seen inactive cities around me get moved to great locations. I've had a mix of active and inactive cities moved in. Some of those active cities later moved on to better spots. One pair of inactive cities just north of me got moved about 15 rings south (further from center). So I seem to be near enough to the "edge" for inactive cities to get parked here... but I never catch a ride on the train out of town.


if a city hasnt progressed longer than ch 4 i think, and there has been no diamond puchases. then the city will be erased after a timeperiod of inactivity. i know cause it has happened to 2 of my cities. but ofc this only applies to new cities. im curious though what 600 diamonds are you refering to @SunsetDanar ?

hvariidh gwendrot

Well-Known Member
slight tangent here ... i have sinya arda showing as a world i play ..it isn't never has been, i have asked support dozens of times to clear it off my screen and they wont for some reason .. i have spent diamonds on my main world, but never logged in to sinya, never made a city, never picked a charector, nothing and yet there it is every time i log in and it is _______ annoying, that was more of a vent than a question unless someone knows how to get rid of it


New Member
I started on one world, thought I'd messed that up, moved to another world and REALLY messed that one up, then back to the first. I would heartily love to delete my city on the 2nd world so it doesn't foul up traffic. `

Don't have the slightest about earning 600 diamonds and then leaving. LOL but can I reach a point to win 600 diamonds? What would be the use of leaving at thhat pont? They started me with 200 and I have been nursing them so that I can use them when I'm out of non-boosted goods. (Thus far it seems a lot on my world are trading 2nd & 3rd tier goods, and making their own non-boosted goods so very little planks/marble are available. :(

Sadly the wholesaler is my friend.

There are several cities in my neighborhood that I'm pretty sure are stagnant, It's not a total loss, I do get coins, and the occasional rune/enchantment when I visit, but I'd rather have real neighbors who came over and polished my stuff and motivated my builders.


Well-Known Member
Don't have the slightest about earning 600 diamonds and then leaving.
and @Venar El
I think what's being discussed here has to do with an old event building called 'Wishing Well'. They expired after 100 days. You had a chance of getting diamonds from them twice/day I think it was. They were given out as daily prizes in several events, so you could hoard your event currency and just 'spin' on wishing well days. Some players created cities on every world they were not actively playing, since each account shares diamonds earned on any world. They then built it strictly to play events and place and collect from wishing wells. We haven't seen wishing wells in an event for many, many months now. I think shortly after the Spire was released and that's been close to a year ago now. Since those bldgs expired after 100 days, the cities created for that purpose are no longer being actively played, thus the 'earn the diamonds and leave' remark. They use the diamonds in their main city, so really have not left the game, just that city in that world.
I could be wrong, lol! If so, maybe @SunsetDanar will come back and let me know.


Well-Known Member
Anyone who has a second city ... could you tell me if you have to go through the same tutorial with a second city as you did with the first?


Active Member
New cities earn diamonds going through the tutorial. I assumed that 600 number was referring to that.
A new player starts with 200 diamonds, then spend 100 on the builder upgrade, then can get 50 from verifying their email, and 100 from completing the first 18 quests. I'm not sure where they got 600.
Anyone who has a second city ... could you tell me if you have to go through the same tutorial with a second city as you did with the first?
I didn't. The city just started with the tutorial set up and nothing else. (So a level 1 MH, level 2 BH, level 2 house and a workshop.


Well-Known Member
I'm not sure where they got 600.
I didn't see the 600 part as being their key point. I think they're describing the process of starting up new cities to get whatever number of diamonds are awarded. Whether it's 60 or 600 doesn't matter, so much as their point that they think it's contributing to tiny inactive cities.