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City Expansion


New Member
I regularly gain sufficient points in Research to expand my city, but am not awarded it. What do i need to gain this, or do I have to wait for a day to go by?

Crow Last Elf

Well-Known Member
Have you checked in the Buildings menu in the "Expansions" tab? There is a area titled "Research Expansion" that should show expansions earned from research and the cost to place it.


New Member
There is a grey area that shows an amount of coin in grey. Is that what is needed to gain the expansion?


Well-Known Member
You don't automatically get expansions placed. You have to do it yourself. Click on the four arrows at the bottom of your screen, next to the $ symbol. You'll get a screen like this:
The roped off areas (5x5) are the directions you can expand to. It is recommended that you keep your city in as close to a square formation as you can. As you mouse over them they'll highlight in green around the edges.

Once you pick your desired location for expansion, click on the highlight area. You'll get this screen:
Pay close attention to the areas the red arrow is pointing to. If you don't have enough coins, it will be grayed out and you can't expand. If you hover over the thing, the info box will pop up, telling you how many expansions of that type you have. There are three options for expansions: Premium (buy with diamonds, and the price goes up every time), research tree (buy with coins, limited amount per chapter), and province fights (capped at 400-something provinces, it's an odd number).

Just because, here's the same screenshot with the province information: