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Open Coins bug


Well-Known Member

Example 1 is marked up
Details for Example 2 are :

collected 2 residences +1461, +1462 ... was given credit for 1759, but did not redline.
I was left 1 short .... so then I collected 1 more residence +1680, and NO bubble appeared,
to give me +1 and redline my MainHall .... after collection MH was still 1 short.

I have also got these same errors with regular residences in another world.

FireFox on Win 10pro


Well-Known Member

as u can see, still happening ... no other way to hit xxx9999
but all 3 worlds @ the same time ??? ( shruggs ) Roflmao


Well-Known Member

I've reported this extensively to Helya, but Inno changed
the rollover for diamonds... can that also apply to coins/tools ???
Currently the rollover only shows the rounded version.....
Can all 3 rollovers show the exact amount , Please ?????
Example 1 should look like example 2.... red/locked.

As you can see in 2 world it says I'm full and I'm not. It isn't
"red" and when another bldg was collected it only collected "+1"
so that means I really had 119,999, and what that tells me is
the error I worked with Helya on still exsists.

As I collect, I collect more than I can hold, yet it leaves me 1 short
allowing me to collect something else, rather than locking me out
from further collection and turning red.....


Well-Known Member

thats another world, and I have 909,999 and even collecting
another house, it showed "+1" collected, yet the reservoir
didn't budge, so even collecting didn't lock me out, grrrrrrr.


Forum Moderator
Elvenar Team
First off, please use the reporting template and Second, I tried and cannot duplicate your error. So use the template please and provide more detail as to what is causing this.

Thank you


Well-Known Member
@Astram ,
check the initial bug report plz, Its even harder now
with the rollover only showing a rounded amount
to not collect a 70k coins residence, and get +1 ,
or even worse it not even red out the storage so
I can't do it again .......

Helya had support audit my acct and it showed
the clicks, and what was happening and it was
verified, just in 2 or so years, the Devs don't seem
to wanna fix it......

They chg'd the Diamonds rollover to show exact
amount in <2 weeks after it was brought up here,
I just wish that also applies to coins/tools, which it
used to and got chg'd to the lame rounded amt.


Set Designer
If I were to guess, this looks like floating point rounding issues for the maximum storage. Not something that can be easily fixed.
If it helps, I have had this happen as well. As a result of it (and as a result of having put in a ticket and being told it wasn't an issue) I am overly anal on watching my coins now and look to use the wholesaler earlier than I probably need to in order to avoid hitting this situation. A player shouldn't have to do that though and it does annoy me. Just adding this as a corroborating witness for @BrinDarby

Since I'm not willing to play around and figure out when it happens and lose coins I just try and avoid that. That makes it hard to provide information on what might be causing it.