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Many of you have posted that you make troops all the time and you burn through a bunch on the way up the spire but also you don't waste them. Do you have 4, 5, 6 fully built armories? Do you have 6, 7, 8 fully built workshops? Are they constantly buffed with power of provision spells? Do you throw out supply instants like candy and power through recruiting with time instants?

This game is so vague. I personally love tutorials for all my gaming and then when I find something good, I adapt it so that it works for me.
Always with this game it is you can play as you want but I remember suggesting that on my once a month forays up the spire, I used 2 of each martial building and was roasted quite well for it. In chapter 5 that was the only way up. Also I didn't make that many troops or produce that many goods so I couldn't just get up there without some assistance. I never felt using lots of buildings handicapped my game for weeks. I don't have the time to climb to the top of the spire every week anyway. I manual fight 90% of the time and it takes hours for all those fights.
Most players in Elvenar are very casual. They barely collect enough resources to gain 1500 pts in a tourney let alone climb the spire. Lots of different types of players in this game and this forum is really for about 30 hardcore players. Same people posting every day.

In the end nobody has to take Ebon's advice. If you take it and find it has crippled your game for a week or two, you probably won't do it again. Lesson learned in a more meaningful way and ,hey, you got to experience it too.


Chef, Scroll-Keeper, and Buddy Fan Club Member
I think that the experienced players say don't put out that many buff buildings etc. that it is unsustainable. What they aren't doing is telling you how you can fight to the top (that is the challenge here) without doing so many buffs. How many troops do you burn through? Do you need to prep troops just for the spire or is the piddly amount most players have enough for a challenge like this? What kind of strategy should a player use to do this with less buff to their troop? Manual or auto?

I get that this is a lot of buildings and pet food but it seems like it is a finger way and a pat on the butt and Ebon is sent back to his room. Give your tips or advice, don't just say NO.
Thanks for listening.
We currently have a player who fought his way to the top of the spire this week with only one of each MA 5 day (UUU, ELR and MM). He has no dwarven armorers; he's too new, and no military wonders except a needles that he's gotten within the past month or so. His current total score is 24K (he's skyrocketing; our newest star). This isn't the first time he's done it. He did the same thing when he was around 16 or 17K total score. And if I remember correctly, he even made it to the lab when he was less than 10K in score.

One has to remember that the earlier you are in the game, the easier the fights in the spire. So despite the fact that you have few troops, you can make it with enough preparation.

If you'll check the scrollkeepers spire posts, you'll get a lot of tips on how to fight the spire. I admit I do use 2 of each when I have plenty and I want an easy run up the spire. I've seen people use 3 of each, if they don't have any wonders or other buffs, no fire and few armories. I certainly wouldn't pick on them for that, but it would have to be only in rare circumstances that you would need that many. It depends upon what you have in your city, how many armories, if you have a fire phoenix. There are so many variables that no one can say with certainty this or that is "wrong." We can say that based on our experience, there is an amount that's grossly excessive. I once met someone who had 7 UUUs and MMs because he was in crunch week at school with no sleep and he didn't want to have to think ... he just wanted to kill everything in sight quickly. That works, but that would never be feasible on a regular basis, and he'd be the first to say so.

Every one is different. But check the scrollkeepers spire tips ... and read the posts for Archmages and Spire Mages, too, because those will help all players.


Oh Wise One
Many of you have posted that you make troops all the time and you burn through a bunch on the way up the spire but also you don't waste them. Do you have 4, 5, 6 fully built armories? Do you have 6, 7, 8 fully built workshops? Are they constantly buffed with power of provision spells? Do you throw out supply instants like candy and power through recruiting with time instants?

This game is so vague

Often people don't ask specific enough questions to get a more precise answer, even when asked for more details. What you see is questions like "what is the best wonder?", well you will get 30 different answers. If you say "what is the best wonder for population?", that number drops a lot and answers get detailed with reasons why x is better than y and a person can then choose what works best for them.

I can only assume the OP was talking about people who regularly top the spire and is trying to encourage those people to combat on occasion (assuming they don't). A lot of the responses have (I assume) being based more around the priority of getting to the top regularly every week. That is a better goal for your town with better rewards, then you can mix and vary it up. But the best way to get to the top every week will vary based on a lot of things. Some towns are just better to cater to the top, others combat and many balanced.

The difficulty of guides is you have to take assumptions and there can be so many variables it can be difficult to impossible to factor them all in.

The one interesting aspect of this strategy is I do find a lot of people horde buildings, instants and spells like crazy. Those things do absolutely nothing for your town sitting in your inventory. Sure is nice to have 20 UUU, or 1000 PoP spells, but they don't help you until you spend. Sometimes people need to drop a lot of something in to their town and push their limits (perceived limits) before they realise they could do the same thing with a whole lot less effort, or in case of tourny do a whole lot more than they ever thought possible.

A town that learns how to use its inventory to benefit itself will always do better than a town with a horde of items/buildings.

Enevhar Aldarion

Oh Wise One
You know what people also do not ask? What chapter someone is in and which military AWs have they built and their levels.

You can't even have all your troops at 3-stars until late in chapter 15, so a player at the start of chapter 16 is going to have an easier time than a player, say, in chapter 10, just because all their troops are 3-star, versus a chapter 10 player having some of the best troops still at 2-star, or even 1-star, as I did not look at the research tree before randomly picking chapter 10. And then the AWs. There is one for each troop type to boost their damage and the one for boosting health. Someone who has none of them built and someone who has all of them at level 10 or less and someone who has them all around level 25-30 will have greatly different experiences when fighting. And then you have those of us in chapter 18 or 19 and have some of the troops at 4-star now.

My six military AWs are all between level 16 and 20. I am at the end of chapter 19, so 6 of my troops are now 4-star. I have a level 10 Fire Phoenix. I feed that, put out a single mage booster, a single light ranged booster, and a single armorer or two of the small health boosters, and I can auto-fight the entire Spire without losing a battle. And if I really needed to, I have a level 10 Twilight Phoenix that I can feed for the lost troop recovery feeding effect, but I have never used it.