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Come chill with us


New Member
The Reservoir Dogs fellowship has 2-4 openings for a couple of laid back but steady folks. We're a collective of regular playing lurkers who are not into following a lot of rules or game play minimums. We prefer to let folks build however they want, play however they want, and figure out what level of participation is best for the player. And since aggressive players don't last long in our ranks we have little to no drama.

The ideal candidate will have one or more boosts in marble, crystal, or elixir and won't be upset that we only average 6-8 tourney chests per week. We play a bit harder on adventures when the prizes are worth it, and we have a fair amount of 3star trades posted daily. But for the most part we're a group of players who are more into growing our cities and advancing through the research menu than we are into tourney points and leader board domination.

If this sounds like a good fit for you, apply to join or send me an in-game message.


New Member
Reservoir Dogs still has one opening on our roster for a casual player looking for a drama free zone. The ideal candidate will be boosted in marble, but we'll take anybody.