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Counter broken for gaining spell fragments in Naturally Amazing! Quest #25


Game version: Version 1.151.2-f3d5afd-256
Game world: Sinya Arda
Operating System: Android
Account name: Dzesyi9
Humans or Elves: Elves

Reproducibility: 5/5

Quest title: Quest # 25 of Naturally Amazing!

Current situation:
Cannot get the spell fragments needed, as the counter doesn't go up.

Expected situation:
The counter should go up when I disenchant items or receive spell fragments as a reward in the spire.

Reproduction Steps
Get to Quest # 25 in the current event, Naturally Amazing!
2. Try to gain spell fragments.
3. Look at how the counter hasn't gone up.

Note: I logged into my Macbook/Firefox browser and the spell fragments did show up as collected, so the game seems to register the added spell fragments while playing on mobile, but I couldn't proceed until doing it on a computer. Note that quest #26 also asks to gain spell fragments, and I can properly collect spell fragments on my mobile device again.
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Thinker of Ideas
We cannot reproduce this on our end, is anyone else having the same problem?
i logged in today and had this on quest 29 in one of my cities. (I did not have this issue on my 2nd city last night)
I had the vision vapor part done the night before. But the rest seems to have had its number all messed up. And its functioning that way too. I just used a level 1 marble factory (non boosted) to make a 3hour prodcution. I gained 3 marble and it completed that part of the quest.
Dominionofgod Elysindar pc/browser Elf
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Count Rupert

Well-Known Member
I had quest 37 show something like 22500 relics. As soon as I completed a crafted set of relics it showed the 5 I had gained crafting and the 22500 was gone replaced with 12.


Thinker of Ideas
The devs are working on this. It looks like the numbers for relics and basic goods were swapped
The technology numbers were off to. (i kinda over looked that at my first glance as well.) And variations have been seen on multiple quests now. So sadly, it looks like more then a single mix up.

On the other hand... ppl wanted a change up in the quests... they got one! lol


One quest about producing supplies didn't show I got any supplies. It might next time I log in though
Edit: it worked when I got back in and is fine.
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Beloved Ex-Team Member
The relics/basic goods quests has the values swapped between the 2 tasks, it will complete, it's just hard to track.