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Couple of Spots Open!


New Member
We have a couple of spots open for some new fellows. Great fellowship. We usually win at least the 4th chest in the tournaments and have done well in the fellowship adventures too. Please write and let me know you're interested so I can invite you. DragonRiders on the Storm.


greetings!..My husband and I are looking for a new fellowship to join. we are both pretty new to this game but play compulsively .lol sadly its true. We both joined a newby fellowship but have already outgrown it and are seeking an active group who will allow newer players to join. I have already surpassed the leader of our fellowship and have been playing the tournaments mostly with my husband and one other. we help others daily, trade some. and are seeking a group that participates in the fellowship adventures, tournaments etc. Please let me know soon as the fellowship adventure starts in 3 days and I would like to get in a new group by then. My score is only 8302 and husbands is a measly 2915 but we should advance pretty quickly. we are both pretty experienced gamers. my husband has been playing another similar game for the last 3 years. we both played WOW and Everquest for years also. Anyway we are still learning this one and would benefit from being in a fellowship with more experienced players. we are also friendly and drama free!