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Defense and Attack Bonuses Question


Active Member
When a mage squad attacks, does the bonus apply to every unit of the squad attacked, or is it one for one thing. Example: If a squad of 2 mages zaps a squad 4 vallorian guards, do all 4 have their defense degraded, or just 2 of them? The answer changes strategy a bit in manual battles.


Buddy Fan Club member
The entire group that is hit sustains the reduction in defense. You can hover over the icon for any group that scrolls across the bottom of the battlefield and see the number of health points at any time. Those numbers (health and attack) are for the entire group. Even if no defense bonus spell is applied, there will be a reduction in health points and in attack points when any of their members are killed. If a spell is applied, there will be a further reduction for the rounds the spell is active.
If you were to hit one enemy group with a spell, get a defense reduction, check the number of health points and then wait however many rounds the reduction is active (it varies by the different units, sorceress is for 2 rounds, blossom mage for 3 rounds) you would see an increase in health points after the defense bonus expires if you had not hit the group again.

^^I've read and edited that 3 times and it's still as clear as mud no matter how I try to say it, lol! I'm leaving it as is and hope it makes better sense than I think it does...


Active Member
I understand it perfectly. Perhaps we both have similar minds. :eek: Thank you for the effort you put into it!

The entire group that is hit sustains the reduction in defense.

This is very valuable. It means it is worthwhile softening up some massively large group of mist walkers so my crossbowmen can erase them from existence more quickly.

It is also means if I have multiple squads of priests and one takes some losses it is worthwhile keeping it from being wiped out the next round so it can still fire spells (and that it is valuable spending that last attack that could kill multiple mages in one squad on the squad that only has one left!)