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Diaper Progress

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With player dissatisfaction at its highest point in 2019 -- and possibly an all-time high -- I thought it might be useful to review the "diaper manifesto" written by retired player SoggyShorts in July. (I've taken the liberty of combining his points into a single list, since I lack Soggy's confidence in estimating the precise number of work-hours involved.)

  1. Add the scout icon to the main bar so players can see if it is available.
  2. Make the start of the chapter more obvious by having the advanced scouts tech to the left of the dividing line.
  3. Implement hotkeys on the fight page for selecting troops.
  4. Change event quests from "produce boosted T1" to "produce any T1" to make it fair for players with larger level 1 factories.
  5. Add blueprints to the inventory so players can see how many they have.
  6. Replace every "Awesome" pop-up with just a floating text.
  7. Replace the FA quests with the Crafting Challenge system so that collecting 1 beverage automatically gives 1 Dwarven Badge and 1 toolbox automatically gives 1 Blacksmith Badge.
  8. Implement the mobile features on the browser and vice-versa- there should never be such a massive imbalance between features that players are sitting in front of their PC doing visits on their phone.
  9. Fast visits, "auto next tournament spot", and "set all" workshops on browser like on mobile.
  10. Donate KP and have messages on mobile like on browser.
  11. Messages upgrade: autocomplete names, Sticky threads, "select all mages" add fonts/bold etc.
  12. Notification overhaul:split trades, visits, and other into different tabs.
  13. When a wonder that we donated to completes, tell us who's wonder it was.
  14. Chat upgrade: Add more channels such as Mages, Whisper, Gobal 1-10, Trade, Event, and Help.
  15. Trader upgrade: Add a cross-tier filter, allow partial trade purchases, and move trades with the best ratio to the top.
  16. Matchmaking: Add some basic features that allow FS and players to find each other like letting FS set recruiting status and minimum requirements while letting players filter fellowship lists by the same.

Three months later, which items can we cross off the to-do list? How do the introduction of the Spire and the Autumn Zodiac effect these tasks? Do they impose new tasks? And most importantly...how can we players help the developers buckle down and do the things that still need to be done?


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Context here? Is this just a list of some requests or have they said anything regarding working on these?
I mean, that's what I'm trying to figure out. It was a real big deal for the player community through July and August. Everybody agreed that Soggy's points were valid, and that we should be agitating for this stuff. And then we all got distracted by this latest nonsense with the Spire and the Zodiac. Lest we forget, the devs also have to prepare both a new winter event and a new chapter, within the next 2 months. (In fact to judge from the previous chapters, we should have the new chapter already...I have to assume those resources and/or personnel were diverted into the Spire project instead.) Zodiac Problems+Spire Problems+Changing the Diaper problems = a lot on the devs' plate. So much, in fact, that they'll be strongly tempted to just ignore it all...unless we insist they focus on a few key items at a time.

Soooooo...I wanted to know exactly which key items we'll be focusing on, between now and whenever the new event/chapter gets released.


player dissatisfaction is allways high. People like to complain and find faults. And like any evolving game there will always be those who "liked it better in the old days".
Can we just also remember that MANY people out here are satisfied with the game also. but we dont always voice it because satisfied people are silent people. But i must say these recent times people are so busy complaining about this and that. while not appreciating how great the game actually is, because if it wasnt great then what would we be doing here!?

Enevhar Aldarion

Well-Known Member
Lest we forget, the devs also have to prepare both a new winter event and a new chapter, within the next 2 months. (In fact to judge from the previous chapters, we should have the new chapter already.)
We do have the new chapter, almost. It is already on the Beta server and should be on the normal servers in maybe another week, if they stick with their two-week delay from Beta to Live. And don't forget there will be some sort of Halloween event, probably a mini-event, in between Harvest and Winter.

Sir Squirrel

Well-Known Member
Number 4 can be taken off the list as well as we can no longer use level 1 T1 factories for events.

As for context all these suggestions are from beta and all got a poll and enough support to get sent to the dev's to look at. What happens from there depends on whether the Devs think it is important enough, possible, and whether they think it is what they want to see in their game.

I think the most important one should be getting messaging to work with the mobile app, but I am thinking that for this to be done it will mean the whole messaging system on browser will have to be redone to make it work. I am thinking this is the reason it hasn't been done yet. I could be wrong, but I am pretty sure if it was easy to do it would already be done, as it is very important to have in a game like this where communicating with FS members is concerned.
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Nonchalant Antipathy

Well-Known Member
I think the most important one should be getting messaging to work with the mobile app
Hear hear! It's a thrice-damned travesty, not having a messaging system on mobile yet. I have now experienced, first-hand, how difficult it is to keep mobile fellows informed, and then there's the fact that mobile-only players not in a fellowship can't even communicate with anybody else. That is ridiculous to the nth degree!


Sir Squirrel

Well-Known Member
I have actually been seeing less cross-tier trades, at least with the regular goods. I think maybe having the mermaid paradise give T! goods has had an effect. Also making everyone throw up two or three more T1's for events might actually help as most won't need so many T1 goods anymore.
Or maybe some are using their extra T1 goods to take the cross-tier trades. It is still to early to tell, but I no longer have 12-13 pages of them (sentiment goods are another story though) so yeah a cross tier filter would still be a nice add-on to the trader. lol

Nonchalant Antipathy

Well-Known Member
It is still to early to tell, but I no longer have 12-13 pages of them
Aye, I agree that it is helping, and my Traders have been fluctuating wildly on the number of pages full of cross-tier, but I'm seeing an uptick in third tier asking for second now. Had a neighbor thank me profusely today for accepting their trades requesting scrolls, and even the the trades of the top ranked player in this world are staying up long enough that I get a chance to spy 'em, second tier as well. Inno will probably toss out more event buildings that produce second tier and all three will begin to balance out, but there will always be plenty of players looking to give less goods in exchange for more. Still, my quibbling aside, you're definitely right about it not being much of a priority at the moment.
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