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Disappearing Shards


New Member
This is purely a curiosity question (at this time) if anyone else experiences this...

In my beta world (diff user name), I noticed that I did not receive rune shards for the AW opened at the end of a chapter. I "thought" runes were provided for whatever AW's was opened.
I was just about to click on the final research that opened up the next chapter and those AW's, decided I would check my rune inventory for those 2 AW's. One AW, showed I had 20 runes, the other showed 6 (I think). I should have taken a screen. I went back into the research tree and opened the chest and there's my new Sunset Towers and Victory Springs. WITH.. the image of the shard, that makes me assume I get at least one shard. Just an assumption since there is no numerical number by it.
I go back to my home to add those shards to the AW's and... ZERO shards. The 20 that "were" there prior to the research are gone.
You can tell me all you want that I was hovering over the wrong "whatever" and not recognizing the correct shard. But no, I went into the AW menu and hovered over the unavailable AW (Sunset Towers) and it showed 20 shards prior to opening that research.

And after all that... has anyone else noticed this in Beta or a Production world? If not, are you close to completing a chapter and can check? In Fel, I'm 1-3 months (that is 3 researches away (400 kp) from opening a chest. Hopefully I'm not so excited about completing a dang chapter that I forget to check and get screen shots.

And Thank You

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Snack Hoarder
A while back there was a change that meant you could no longer earn Rune Shards in the Tournamnet for Ancient Wonders you hadn't researched yett. The pop-up is just telling you that you can now earn these Rune Shards, it is not granting you any. It's similar to the Magic building pop-up at the start of a chapter, you're not receiving a free Magic Building, you just now have access to purchase the ones from that chapter.


Scroll-Keeper, Keys to the Gems
Of course we do not get rune shards from tournament but we still collect them from helping other players level their Wonders, and I make a point of trying to collect some, especially for ones that I am close to unlocking.

Log out and back in, if still no rune shards, and you know you helped raise some STs and VSs, I would proceed with a bug report.
Edit: on Beta Forum, where there is every chance that something new has been broken :rolleyes: and you will get :diamond:for being the first to flag it.
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New Member
I dislike reporting things unless I have screen shots. I like to have proof, for my own sanity and when reporting.
And logging out/in did not make the missing shards (20 for VS and 6 for ST) suddenly appear.
I was really hoping someone about to open a chapter chest was able to check this, get screen shots if necessary.