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Do you love this game?

Discussion in 'Fellowships seeking Members' started by Rinel, Dec 6, 2017.

  1. Rinel

    Rinel Member

    Mar 8, 2016
    We are a happy and active group of players who are looking for players who are excited about the game. We don't mind if you are not a mighty player, we can teach and help you to grow strong, what we are looking for is enthusiasm! We want you to visit, post trades, chat and ask questions. In return we will return your visits to give you the boosts you ask for, pick up your trades and post the trades you need, give game tips and answer all questions. This is a game and it should be fun, a fellowship is all about each member helping the other members so we can all advance in the game. We are FLAMING PHOENIX, send us an application or write to mdprier64 or Rinel.
  2. itzpapalotl

    itzpapalotl New Member

    Aug 8, 2017
    This girl has a young city which eventually will provide steel, scrolls, and elixir. Her city is young, but her experience is greater. She is mage in cities in other worlds; In one case she has an advanced city, but she is also Mage within young cities, because she is enthusiastic and knowledgeable. She will be available for leadership positions. but she cares more about being part of an active community.

    She is really chatty, so you'll have to put up with the fact she's a social Butterfly as well as an Obsidian one.

    Will you invite her to join your Fellowship?