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    Your Elvenar Team

Dragon Masters

Tauriel Dragonwood

Well-Known Member
Let me introduce myself. I am Tauriel Dragonwood, ArchMage of the Dragon Masters Fellowship.

I've been here since Elvenar was discovered. The rulers of Elvenar enticed me by promising me my own dragon if I would start up a fellowship in the World of Arendyll. Since Humans are not too fond of dragons, I decided to be an elf. I did get a dragon. A dragon that is my Trader.

Dragon Masters remain a proud and noble Fellowship. We value knowledge and wisdom above financial gains. Peace reigns in Elvenar because of our untiring vigilance to protect and serve. Relax at the Dragon’s Inn and read about the History of Dragon Masters.

If the one reason you join a fellowship is to be able to trade for free, that’s well in good but there are other incentives that are more fun. Helping one another discover the ancient secrets of Elvenar to unlock forgotten technologies. Working to build a prosperous city, not to mention the camaraderie within your fellowship, will lift your spirit.

When you enter our grounds, do not play with pesky Cornish Pixies. Those wily little creatures are tricksters. They may pick you up by your ears and drop you into the arms of a Treant. If you do not heed my warning, you may find yourself sleeping in a tree the next morning.

Want your Ancient Wonders leveled quick? Join our fellowship.
We use magic instead of mortar and brick.

Just stop by if you ever would like to chat.
If I am not home, just leave a note under the mat.
I am probably out doing what I love best,
flying with my dragon before returning home to rest.

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