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Druid Junction is looking for a few players who'd benefit from, contribute to, and appreciate the shared benefits, from joining our core of overachievers, but in a low rules, relaxed but serious, Fellowship.

We have a core mix of US2 single city players, and some with cities in Beta or EN who're known for Top 10 rank or FA performance, and use DJ as a second home to test strategies or for a more relaxed nest. Some content of a major paid staff run game support site originated in our FS. Our core members typically do 4 figure Tourney performance, and we've been doing 2 path plus bonus score FA's, but we'd like to improve that. Less experienced players seeking to grow cities are also welcome, but preferably only above bot-cancel stage, and ideally at least in Guest Races. That infernal new Spire? Yes, we've been claiming a few FS group rewards on that too, every week lately.

Please read our front page intro info (it's honest, unlike some FS's here), and feel free to PM our Mage or AM (me) with any questions, or simply apply.