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Dwarven Settlement affect


I am half way throught Chapter VI and see little affect of the Dwarven Settlement on my score. Is there something I'm missing, or is the settlement just a pointless venture?


The settlement itself does not require culture or use population which are used to calculate score. The granite and copper you receive will allow you to unlock upgrades for the dwarven style buildings. Those will require population and culture and therefore bump up your score. (culture +working pop.=points).
Foe Elven buildings some of the bigger point earners:
Barracks Lvl 16 upgrade= 465pt. Lvl 17=588 pts.
Town hall lvl 16=464pts, lvl 17 =653
Armory lvl 16=564.
workshop up grade to lvl16 is not bad at 258 but lvl 17 is only 82 pts
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thanks for the info just about to be dwarf and interested in gaining pt too. this will help !! )