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Eagles Flight-Recruiting - We're Looking for Active Players!


New Member
We have only a few spots open now, looking for active players.

Our ideal candidate has a score between 3,000 - 80,000, and has one or more of the following boosts: Marble / Planks, Crystal, Elixir. We welcome new players who want to learn and grow their city rapidly.

We are a friendly group who like to play daily and grow our cities. We communicate and support each other as we grow our GREAT fellowship! We take pride in participating in weekly Tournaments and Adventures. We ranked in the top 50 overall in the most recent Adventure!

We use the Discord tool as well for game information, making it easier to communicate with mobile device players. We also use Elvenar sites like Gems of Knowledge, ElvenStats and ElvenArchitect for tips and tricks.

We trade fairly with 2 or 3 star trades, unless authorized by Archmage or Mages to assist new players, and for Tournaments and Adventures.

We are active players who enjoy this game! Players who grow their cities, help their peers multiple times each week, offer and take trades, and participate in weekly Tournaments, Adventures and Events are desired. Inactive players will be replaced as we grow. If they become active again, former inactives can reapply when they start playing again.

Archmage - morningdove54
Mage of Activity - culater1962