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Economy Setup


I currently am finishing chapter 1 and have a 3x3 grid setup. I am using the Spiral setup from another thread in this subforum. I have currently 4 level 3 workshops, 10 level 3 residencies, and 1 level 3 marble, steel and wood manufactures of each. Yet I seem to be short on resources often. I try to login as much as I can but, I prefer to let my town do all the work and login once a day. What would you recommend I add to my town to improve its economy?


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Oh Wise One
The only resource that is 100% limited is space. Empty space is lost productivity, especially if you only want to log in once a day. I suggest filling every square you can.

If you feel you want to progress faster, pay attention to the quests on the left. There are advantages and disadvantages to cycling through the repeating quests, but whether you cycle them repeatedly or not, they often pay way more than you can generate yourself, so it's possible that certain short production runs will actually pay more than long ones because they let you get extras from a quest.


Oh Wise One
What resources specifically are you short of? Often it is simply a matter of building more of that building or upgrading existing ones.

In case of workshops 6 at your stage I think is about right but you will eventually want at least 8 with only a once a day login.

In case of goods (planks,steel,marble) I would suggest identifying your boosted factory type and only build that type. The town on US1 with your name is a marble boost. So try to build 20 spaces of factories of them (10 at your stage), you don't need to level them all and may only level 1/2 or less.
Another way to increase production is to do world map provinces that increase that boost and tournaments of the same boost type. Marble one is a couple weeks away so a perrfect time to build troops to try and do a couple tournament rounds for extra relics.

In case of coins, residences are a function of other buildings so time/patience is key. For a quicker return do quests and visit every person in your fellowship and world map as often as possible. The coins from visits add up, especially at the start, this may also help your supply situation.