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ELR and MMM attack bonus not showing in Army Camp window.

sanguine air

New Member
I just learned that on the browser version I can see the HP and ATK bonus in the Army Camp.

I have a maxed MM (140% to HP) and a single DA (150% to HP). The army camp bonus to health I see says +80%.
EDIT: ok the MM is just 130% so 80% makes sense, but the attack bonus still does not.

I have a maxed Needles so 140% to light range and an ELR (enlightened light range for 150%) but the army camp bonus says 140%.
My dragon abbey is lvl 18 so 126% to mages and I have the Mag. Mage Multiplier, but army camp bonus says 126%.

I don't know of any other buildings I have that adds attack bonus to troops to have a 3rd percentage in the mix.

How does this math work?

EDIT: NVM, I figured it out. my stupidity and INNO's phrasing.
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sanguine air

New Member
ok yes I also fed my fire phoenix so shouldn't my attack boost for light range and mage be much larger than what is displayed in the army camp screen? I checked the other units and they have the base bonus from the AW but not from the fire phoenix.


Oh Wise One
@sanguine air You might want to double check the enlightened range building and the mage multiplier to make sure they have not expired. If they have, that would explain your numbers. I have active ELR and MMMs in my city for the tournament and my army camp is showing the correct bonus numbers.

sanguine air

New Member
They have not expired. I place new ones for 2-3 stars in tournament. Last few months 1 each DA, mmm and elr all day 2 of tourney.

EDIT: I figured it out. THe ELR and Needles say 150% and 140% while the fire phoenix says 50%. The army camp says 140%. so a 50% increase from ELR and phoenix is 100% and a 40% increase from Needles makes 140% which is what is showing. Same for all 5 troops. If I could delete the original post and hide in the shadows I would. sorry all.
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