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Elvenar Best Practices - Visits


Elvenar Best Practices

I find myself repeating this information to other players often so I though I should just write it up and put it somewhere I can reference it often. Please comment with any corrections or additions you find helpful.

You can visit other players you've discovered on your map and those in your fellowship. Do visits to your Fellowship members as often as you can! Daily is fantastic but try for at least multiple times a week. You can visit other players once every 23 hours to help them and earn coins and other possible bonuses.

If a person has visited you in the last 24 hrs you will get an additional bonus of supplies. You can tell who has visited because the hands by their name in the Fellowship and/or Notices window will glow gold. The amount of Coins and Supplies you get is based on the level of your Main Hall. Every day you can also earn up to three treasure chests while doing visits. The chests will contain either Knowledge Points (KP), relics, or magical spells. (I'll cover how to use those in another letter, but they are all good!)

When you visit others and click on a building in their town, You will see the amount of coins and hopefully supplies that you earn float up to your amounts at the top of your screen. Also, watch for the notice to briefly appear in the middle of your screen when "This town contains a treasure chest". If you see that search the edges of the town, by the water, cliffs and woods to find the glowing chest.

Letters by the name of a town tell visitors what the person wants help with. It's recommended to put the letters at the front of your name to make them easy to see but some people put them at the end where they're cut off or hidden. For these you can mouse over the city name to see the full text. People take the time to do this sometimes, but not always, so be aware that if your code letters are at the end visitors may not see them or be aware when they change.

MH or M for Main Hall - Gives a person extra coins based on the level of their main hall.
Should be pretty easy to locate, the screen centers on it when you enter a town.

BH or B for Builder's Hall - Boosts the speed of a person's Builders. Often not easy to find. Really should be put next to the Main Hall but often isn't due to space issues. Look for the floating hands to help you find it. If there are no hands over it then it won't accept a visit so look for whatever the person has listed to help next.
Note: The BH can be boosted once for each builder a person has, so a person with two builders can have two visitors before the building won't accept any more help and the hands disappear. The hands will return the next time the player uses a builder (which will use the boost).

C for Culture - Increases a player's culture bonus which boosts their workshop production. Very easy to find as it's everything with a floating hand over it that isn't the MH or BH.
Note 1: If players have used magic to boost their culture it will sparkle a bit... always try to hit those when you see them as they give the most help.
Note 2: After you play for a while and start to recognize the different culture items, if nothing is sparkling try selecting the item with the highest culture as that will provide the most help. (see lists below)
Note 3: The culture boost from visits generally lasts 8 hours but certain Ancient Wonders can increase that time.

For reference: Culture items, listed highest culture to lowest.

  • Symphony of the Swamp (6000) Orcs
  • Temple of Seeds (4700) Fairy
  • Pond of Recreation (3700) Fairy
  • Giant Snail Palace (3200) Fairy
  • Campfire BBQ (2900) Orcs
  • Elder Dragon Oracle (2800) Dwarven
  • Temple of the Holy Fire (2400) Dwarven
  • King Diabhal's throne (2300) Orcs
  • Grab Rap Shroom (2300) Orcs
  • Garden of Harmony (2100)
  • Ancient Grounds (1800) Dwarven
  • Harvest Festival (1680) Fairy
  • Wayfarer's Tavern (1300) Dwarven
  • Golden Torch Tower (1200)
  • Temple of Ages (1200)
  • Mysterious Gate Keeper (1100) Dwarven
  • Vollorian Seasnake (1000)
  • Protector of the Woods (840)
  • Singing Fish Organ (810) Fairy
  • Goddess of Fertility (550)
  • Shrine of Enar (450)
  • Well of Floating Islands (440)
  • Mysterious Cyclone (440)
  • MotherTree (400)
  • Spot of Whispering trees (400)
  • Flying Boat (250)

  • Symphony of the Swamp (6000) Orcs
  • Temple of Seeds (4700) Fairy
  • Pond of Recreation (3700) Fairy
  • Giant Snail Palace (3200) Fairy
  • Campfire BBQ (2900) Orcs
  • Elder Dragon Oracle (2800) Dwarven
  • Temple of the Holy Fire (2400) Dwarven
  • King Diabhal's throne (2300) Orcs
  • Grab Rap Shroom (2300) Orcs
  • Ancient Grounds (1800) Dwarven
  • Battle Arena (1700)
  • Harvest Festival (1680) Fairy
  • Central Place (1400)
  • Wayfarer's Tavern (1300) Dwarven
  • Mysterious Gate Keeper (1100) Dwarven
  • Astrolabe (1000)
  • Floating Citadel (900)
  • Singing Fish Organ (810) Fairy
  • Fountain of Youth (750)
  • Battle Monument (690)
  • Mage Tower (570)
  • Prison of the Condemned (450)
  • Delicatessen Butcher (430)
  • Monster Fountain (410)
  • Hallowed Shrine (340)
  • Holy Codex (110)

Summer Solstic: (value depends on player's level)
  • Venar's Rocks III (450 to 2300)
  • Father Tree (410 to 2100)
  • Glossy Garden (340 to 1760)
  • Venar's Rocks II (270 to 1400)
  • Venar's Rocks I (180 to 940)
  • Observatory (180 to 780)
  • Lava Codex - Red (150 to 860)
  • Sun Codex - Yellow (150 to 780)
  • Leaf Codex - Green (135 to 700 )

Included with Elf and Human above

  • Elder Dragon Oracle (2800)
  • Temple of the Holy Fire (2400)
  • Ancient Grounds (1800)
  • Wayfarer's Tavern (1300)
  • Mysterious Gate Keeper (1100)

  • Temple of Seeds (4700)
  • Pond of Recreation (3700)
  • Giant Snail Palace (3200)
  • Harvest Festival (1680)
  • Singing Fish Organ (810)

  • Symphony of the Swamp (6000)
  • Campfire BBQ (2900)
  • King Diabhal's throne (2300)
  • Grab Rap Shroom (2300)
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This is awesome, I love the listing of all the culture bldgs. I struggle with knowing which human bldg is best on visits. May I use this in my FS?
Also, one thing I might add, is that the game opens on the Main Hall, so put the culture bldgs you want polished the most closest to the MH, as people will see those first. (I got that from Mykan's guide.)


Well-Known Member
I love this too. I'm not far along enough to have opened many of the culture buildings and don't have any of the diamond culture buildings. However I do see a lot of these on the worlds I visit and try to select ones I hope have lots of culture. I'm here now because I'm doing my visits and this will come in very very handy!

Maybe this could be pinned at the top?


Might also want to add in a section on visiting those with Ancient Wonders. Can contribute any number of KP's and if they are in the top few spots of Contributors they gain a rune shard and other rewards. This can be done as often as you like so long as the AW has slots open to take KP's