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Help Elvenar - toolboxes


New Member
How does one produce toolboxes in Elvenar - have everything built - just finished Vault of Wisdom and have it connected to all it needs - little face at side wants toolboxes produced


New Member
I have a 6 hour production and a 15 hour - I assume I have to upgrade vault to a 2 ?? and where do find info - I looked at Elvenar chapter and saw nothing regarding what exactly you are building ?? and ty for answers

Evening Star Selene

Active Member
I don't think this has anything to do with the vault of wisdom specifically (other than the quest using it as a "reason" for needing toolboxes). The workshops (where you produce supplies -the hammer/wrench symbol) should have 6 options:

Beverages - 5 min production
Simple Tools - 15 min production
Bread - 1 hr production
Advanced Tools - 3 hr production
Basket of Groceries - 9 hr production
Toolbox - 24 hr production