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Enchanted Light looking for members or mergers.


Active Member
Due to a number unexpected losses due to serious real life trouble, Enchanted Light is searching for some awesome new members. Do you have a desire to have fun and win some free diamonds and those elusive blueprints? Do you like an active chat room? Would you love to try to take top honors in a FA with a well coordinated team that loves to have fun with trivia night to while away the hours in the pit?
Well we have room for you. We don't care how big or small you are right now as long as you are willing to work toward these goals. We ask that everyone take part in spire and tourney. Currently we are winning silver each week but we want to get back to our old gold ways once we are up to strength. The current goal we would like everyone to meet is 1000 tourney points and second level of the spire. We will help you get there until you can hold your own so don't worry if you are a small kid playing on the deep end of the pool. What we are looking for is people who love to play and want to win. We have room for 10 or 11 people at ED so if you are a small fs looking to merge and your team is interested just have your AM or other leader reach out to any mage or archmage discuss.

Looking for something a little more quiet take a look at Enchanted Destiny our sister FS where we let people take their time, take a break or just hang out until you feel like jumping in for a week or so of playing hard over at EL.
ED is currenty open join and has lots of room so just pop in and make yourself comfortable. Princess Silver is keeping an eye on things until our AM returns from attending to some real life issues and coordinates between the two groups. Expect a slow pace and no rules there for now but we do check in regularly to pay the bills and make sure the lights are on.