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Faineant Frog


Any good on Elves?
I could see it really excelling on maps where terrain funnels the enemies or otherwise blocks easy access. And its defenses vs light melee are very nice.
On the other hand, no debuffs, and about 2/3rds the health of Golem III.

If we could see the terrain map pre-fight, I might be more interested. But right now, I'm not opening every fight with archers, memorizing terrain, then retreating, only to actually fight during the second battle. Just too time-consuming.



I basically only use them when terrain demands it, and only #5 soldier gets to move first round, then #3 and #5 second etc...you know the one I'm talking about lol. If you auto-fight automatically, you probably only find out they hosed you with that turf if you lose then you go in and check it out before setting up again. Which I will do. Then if that is the case, I'll pop some frogs in #1, #2, #4 and maybe even #3 spot, depending, and manual fight it, and usually only lose minimal troops this time around. Other settings, I have my favorite dudes and dudettes I send out to kick the shady character butts...froggies just stay ready for special force ops. :cool:
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Thanks. That's how I feel about a lot of the non-Barracks units (except Cerberus and Blossom Mage). And then when I realize that I very rarely manually fight anymore (provinces are Easy due to foolishly taking Squad Size techs; tournaments are just too plentiful), I am probably using my "Special Ops" like 1 fight a month. Oh well, always good to have 5x squads or so just in case, right?