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Feedback for Version 1.188

Silver Lady

Well-Known Member
Credit where credit is due:
1. Top of the list - new keyword and size search values for the Summonings tab of the Spells Inventory is the best thing since the 2D view for moving buildings.
2. Thanks for adding the on line indicator to the FS members list.
3. Nice touch that the players names can now be seen when their avatar icon is touched on the Spire FS rewards bar and that when I touch my own avatar icon I can see how much I have contributed.
4. I don’t remember for sure if this one is strictly for version 1.188 but I do like the addition of the Contribution tab to the AW inventory listing.

This list was compiled from the app and may not be reflexed in the browser. I would have posted sooner but I had to notice/find on my own since I will not join “The Place That Shall Not Be Named”.

Thank you Inno for the really nice improvements they are appreciated!