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Fellowship Adventure


New Member
Our Fellowship is not the most powerful, but we have just completed the latest FA. The rewards were far less than what was spent to achieve the goal. I suppose we gain some fellowship points but i really feel like i wasted a lot of time and resources for nothing. My suggestion is that the rewards for FA be enough to warrant going after them. It's just not worth it for a few 45-minute time warps and a ferris wheel.
Also, i have a suggestion that once you complete the 3 rounds and get to the whirpool, that rather than have to complete all 3 of the requested contracts before you advancing to three new ones, it should be that once one of them individually is completed thaat another one pops up in its place so that the fellowship isn't stymied by one that's impossible to get past. might make that part a little more fun, since you're basically just unloading what you didn't get to spend on the paths, and not getting much in return for it anyway. and nothing if you can't unload it.