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Feedback Fellowship Adventures - 2023


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I may have missed it... But can anyone tell me when or what month the FA will be? I assume the games are all simular but are they on a set time during the year? I am just trying to prepare my team and need a little help. Thanks


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So not on this forum yet?
No. And Anonglitch is known for throwing out a date and a day of the week that don't match, but..

First off I had heard the 12th from various sources who read the game files.
And secondly, Thursday  is the 12th.
Thirdly, Anonglitch is the Co-CM on EN.
Fourth, all live realms are going to run FA at the same time.
Fifth, Inno is apparently so stretched for time that Beta's FA  had to run over the holidays.

I am planning for launch on the 12th.


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Elvenar Team
Please use this thread to discuss the Fellowship adventures.

  1. January 12th through January 18th, using version H of Fellowship Adventures.
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Perfect Astram, thank you :)

So the Announcement says:

We have made following changes for the new round of Fellowship Adventures:
  • We shuffled the badge requirements of all waypoints.
  • We increased the total number of badges required by 12%.
  • The Coin Sack badge quest is a bit easier now (the coin number is reduced by 17%).
  • Brewery badge is also easier to get (instead of 50 beverages, we ask for 25). However, the waypoints require more of that badge now.
  • Tome of Winter Artefacts are added as stage 2 and 3 rewards.
We definitely saw a shuffling of badges - thanks InnoG, for the extra work over the holidays, our families sure appreciate that.
We definitely saw an increase in the total number of badges.
We definitely witnessed a decrease in the number of beverages needed to make a brew badge, and a corresponding increase in those badges on the map.

The Coin Sack was a nightmare, according to the Announcement, it was to be reduced, but in fact the opposite was true. I look forward to feedback on this point when FA opens.

And the spillover of badge collection was broken. I intend to test this with a full rack of troops in my barracks, which ought to make about 1.25 badges in itself. I will let you all know how that works out.


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Here’s the top part of the announcement from the CM

On Thursday, January 12th, we will start a new round of Fellowship Adventures, so get your Fellowships together and grab some nice rewards!
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Oh Wise One
Which evolving buildings are the Tome of Winter Artifacts good for? Chromafrost Glacier, Watchful Winter Owl, and Gingerbread Mansion come to mine. Am I forgetting any?


Which evolving buildings are the Tome of Winter Artifacts good for?
I haven't seen the next FA rewards. I hope there will be a tome because I could use it in each of my three cities. It might include artifacts for Boblin's Express Service and Everblossom Sleigh too. I wonder if it will also include parts of the winter set.


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@Moho You can find the rewards here

This is all the info, items , waypoints, rewards from idavis ~ enjoy
I really need the ferris wheel. I used 12 up since the last FA, just trying to get enough coin instants to make it through this FA. Gosh, who'da thunk that we'd ever be at the point where we'd need 12 ferris wheels to get through one FA? Wowsers.