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Fellowship Adventures

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Oh Wise One
They are not scheduled, but happen as there is available time. They can't run multiple vents simultaneously, and there is a halloween event coming soon, so the earliest I'd expect one is mid-November.


Found out today that a new one is starting Monday, tomorrow! I read the discussion on this FA then finally just skimmed over much of it. I was wondering why it is locked? But , I both agree and disagree w/so much of the things that were discussed....First, ANY event now is just too soon, it's been one right after another, and barely have time to rebuild goods, am out of space, and am not ready for a new event. I did like them, though!
2. The Fellowship Adventures is a neat concept, but some say no changes have been made since the last one had so many issues to fix? Confusing enough and much conflict regarding all areas of this special event, --
3. or Lastly not really counting too much, but I will be asking my FS if they want to participate, but I know many in both worlds I play in are in the same position as I am. We need time to get ourselves organized; I am guessing my FS both would rather wait also; possibly don't even want to try again, tho I would! We need a good set of basic directions, too, like we do for other things in game (from daily basics of building, upgrading, research, etc to how to's for tourneys, events, guest races, and so on. How can the Elvenar team use our feedback if putting out the game before hearing it? We don't all have towns in BETA, and I think it would be helpful to all if they slowed down just a bit; making sure of new things before release, and give us a bit of a head's up (more than one day would be helpful-love this game but we have real lives, too!)
-All for trying something new, just would like to see a bit more time put into things; and a bit of time between events of any kind (weekly tourneys seem to work, tho, even if have to skip or don't do full every week).

*Much of this may have been discussed, being unable to ask a question or reply in the thread that was in the game notifications, is why I have put this here. This is one person's opinion, tho much based not only on my reasoning but FS feedback and forum postings, but still - just my opinion....

*Just not ready for a new event; but still luv this game, will not stop, and if it's something optional that can't do or don't like, well, will skip for now and try again another time!

***TY so much for listening....much appreciated, have fun and Keep Smilin!!!:)


Found out today that a new one is starting Monday, tomorrow! I read the discussion on this FA then finally just skimmed over much of it. I was wondering why it is locked?

There has been an In-Game announcement up that the next FA does indeed start tomorrow.

As the other thread was clearly marked that it was temporarily closed for cleaning but is reopen now, I will close this thread as a duplicate :)

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