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Recruiting Fellowship seeking casual players


New Member
We are a casual, no pressure, no drama fellowship that understands RL happens. We just like to play for fun, enjoy Spire, tournament, and fellowship adventures as you can participate, and neighborly help when you play. If we sound like a good fit, come join Mom’s Minions.

Deleted User - 281932

Stilmyst in Winyandor has 4-5 openings. We are accepting active players of any size to come join a wonderful friendly team of well seasoned players.
No drama
Only boosted goods built, please. Trades picked up multiple times a day.
Let us know if you’ll be out longer than
a week so you don’t get dropped.
Come take a chance with us!


New Member
Angelic Rescue is looking for 4 or 5 players:

Looking for a player with Crystal Boosted Manufactory!

1. Make rounds at least 4 times a week (more if you can) and Elevenar has made it easy so you don't even have to visit the cities individually.
2. Participate in tournaments (smaller cities are a more limited). If your resources are limited during that time let us know in advance or ask for trades from our players. We are a very understandable group and want to help smaller cities grow.
3. Adventures are not fun if we all don't participate and help one another. We generally get through all three paths and tricolors. Players should be able to help daily during tournaments (run 6 days) and if you need help knowing what items we need, just ask.
4. Due to inactivity in the past, if you are going to be absent a week or more, let us know.
5. If you are having difficulties understanding the game play, just ask! We all learn new things every day and are here to help you!