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Fellowship Spire tab


Oh Wise One
The addition of a new tab for spire within the fellowship screen. This would be equivalent to the current tournament tab improving game consistency and information for fellowships. A possible look below.

Inclusion of tab would allow for:
  • A summary of rewards earned
  • A record of member contributions
  • Record of spire archive spending and earnings
  • User interface change only
  • Provides a short term history allowing fellowships more awareness and better ability to manage spire efforts
  • Short term history of rewards earned by members/fellowship, similar to tournament
  • Can include spire archive information
  • Consistent with tournament
  • Dev time to develop, takes away from other improvements
  • Might be other/better alternatives to improve UI for archive
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Think this one is ready to be put to a 14 day poll? But Memorial Day is coming up; is a holiday weekend a good or bad for voter participation? How do you forward it to our moderator, Helya the Helpful?


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Think this one is ready to be put to a 14 day poll? But Memorial Day is coming up; is a holiday weekend a good or bad for voter participation? How do you forward it to our moderator, Helya the Helpful?
You mention them in a post by first using the '@' symbol, then slowly start typing out their name. The editor will then pop up a list of the possible usernames you could be trying to mention. Then click the autocomplete popup on the name you want to select. Your name, for example: @Ash Splinterwood . I had to type "Ash" slowly before the list narrowed down to something recognizable.

When you mention someone like this, they'll (usually) get a notification just like they'll (usually) do when their post gets a Like or one of their posts got quoted someplace. You got notifications from this post, right? I hope so; it'd be so awkward if this wasn't self-demonstrating


EDIT: The first step, though, would be to contact @Mykan about that since this is their thread, and (AFAIK) only thread OP (Original Poster) can request such things.
EDIT2: Yeah, no that's fine. After rereading the guidelines it seems fine? @helya , please save me from my confusion. Also, the post above.


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It seems like the devs -- and certainly the high-level players -- consider the Spire to be as important as Tournaments for Fellowship-level play. That being the case, I can't see any reason why it shouldn't be given its own tab in the Fellowship menu. And the menu does have room for a sixth tab, as with the Rankings and Trader menus.


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i dunno. my vote has been up and i feel like not much is coming of it. but then… how many active forum people come in to see and react to a poll?
Your poll hasn't been up for 14 days yet. Says polls close May 27, 2022 at 7:31 PM. If it has enough positive votes (which it looks like it does), it goes to the next round, which is the hardest part. All the community managers take all the ideas from all the markets and only forward 3. This is probably the most difficult part of the process. The Community Manager of Tongo holds too much power and poo poos everything!


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Any idea that has more “IN FAVOR” votes than the “NOT IN FAVOR” votes at the end of the 14 day voting period will be forwarded.
^^From the guide. Doesn't look like there's any requirement for total votes. The first thread I clicked on (not sure if it was the top thread or not) in the 'Forwarded' section showed a vote total of 13-9. That one was forwarded to the Tongo Community Manager CM portion of the process, mad it through that, and was rejected by the devs.


Looks to me like your idea is polished enough to tag helya to put it to a vote. Not seeing anything coming up so far that needs addressing. I really think this idea should make it past the CM's, too. I can't imagine this not being a priority for the other markets.
Disclaimer: I've been wrong before and certainly will be again, lol!