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I'm brand new to this game. Like 3 days brand new or whatever. I'm hooked as it is, but would really love to join a fellowship. The problem is nobody seems to want me on their team cause I'm new. I don't know what I'm doing yet and I'm not sure what my boosts are. I do play everyday, and most of the time more than once a day.

I'm a good neighbor and I always help out if it's initialed in the land name. I've poured over the forums for any help and assistance I can get while trying to learn the ropes.

Is there anyone that wouldn't mind taking the time to have a noob join their fellowship? I can't say that I'm good yet, but I learn fast.


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Somehow you've managed to post a new thread in the 'Questions & Help' archive section, not sure how that happened. What world are you playing? If you scroll all the way to the bottom of the forums, each world has its own forum. There's a section in each for players searching for an FS and one for FS searching for more members. There are FS who take new to the game players, and many of them will have threads in those sections of the forum. Respond in those threads or find the FS in the ranking box in game, view it and if they have openings, send an application. Sending a message to the Archmage or one of the Mages might also be helpful. Also, posting a message in the forum for players looking for FS in your world will get you some responses, I'm sure.


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Is there anyone that wouldn't mind taking the time to have a noob join their fellowship? I can't say that I'm good yet, but I learn fast.

Hiya, we don't play on the same world so I can't invite you, but don't give up! There are a lot of FS who will gladly take a new player if you have the right boosts, are active, eager to learn and grow, etc. You are all that, so I doubt it will take long.

In the meantime...to figure out your boosts, you can open your Main House and then click the tab for Runes. There is a panel along the bottom of that window which talk about Boosted goods and %s. The three goods listed there are your boosts. Likewise, you can look at your city on your world map by clicking the globe symbol at the bottom of your screen. The province directly above, you, to your southeast, and to your southwest (like an inverted Y) are your boosts. This is true for every player so you can find out what other players' boosts are as well.

Best of luck and happy gaming!