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Finding Places and Hidden Spaces

Finding Places and Hidden Spaces

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Well-Known Member
What is the proposal being voted on? I see the original post and much discussion, but am I to assume the original post is what is being voted?


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According to the subforum instructions, any changes that are brought up in discussion that the OP agrees should be made will be edited into the original message so that a person voting need only read that one message to get the gist.

@ajqtrz did you need to make any edits, or is everything we need to know in the original message?

Yogi Dave

Well-Known Member
What is the proposal being voted on? I see the original post and much discussion, but am I to assume the original post is what is being voted?
Yes. We are voting only on the original post, not on what anyone said in the following discussion.


Buddy Fan Club member
Thanks for catching that @Enevhar Aldarion I just saw the thread, saw the poll and voted:eek:
@Xelenia @helya @Nightguest
Did one of you set this for a vote and not post in the thread? Asking because we've had forum participants start a poll in this section. I know you prefer us getting approval from a mod to set up a vote (understandable since you know what the devs will agree to even look at). I really wish they could take the ability to start a poll in this section of the forum away from us, lol!


Chef, Scroll-Keeper, and Buddy Fan Club Member
I commented on this a day or two ago, but I only saw this vote now, so I voted.


Buddy Fan Club member
Well, if you didn't start the poll for voting, AJ, it had to be one of the mods and they just forgot to leave us a post. Glad they will consider sending this to the devs!


Chef - loquacious Old Dog
I didn't know I could start the post for voting. I asked the mod to do it. Does that count? ;)



Active Member
Anything that might speed up a city shiftdat movedem is good in my opinion. Trying to place a couple buildings once turned into 18hrs of hell for me, and I still had to redo it the next day again.
I vote YES for the funky colored tiles.



Mathematician par Excellence
This should be super easy to implement. They did almost exactly this in the upcoming event.
No spoilers:
In the event, you have to use objects on the board, but if you didn't read the tooltip it wasn't obvious where you could place them.
After 2 days of feedback, they simply fixed it by highlighting possible places when you selected an object.


Well-Known Member
I always thought something could be done about this, even with the buildings all being 2D and not rotatable. There are other browser and app games I have played or looked at that have an Edit function that makes the buildings invisible, so that you only see the bases, letting you see all the spaces available around them.

Here is an example from a game called Township. The left is normal and the right is showing just the footprints of all the buildings and the roads and empty spaces.

View attachment 8179
Quite some time ago there was a lot of advocacy for making it easier to rearrange and to give us a solution for how empty space gets lost behind buildings and they did come up with something that does allow you to see better or SOME of the things you do, but it didn't address things like finding that piece of road behind a tall building. It was a very poor substitute for the suggested 2d mode. Glad to see this idea come forward again and with an example of a highly effective use of it.


Ex-Team Member

This idea was actually forwarded (forgot to change tag...oops) but I did hear back from the developers.....

Though a great concept, It seems this can lead to major performance issues due to the resources allow making the UI/UX work. They do like the idea.

It is quite possibly long as it does not hinder the performance of the game.