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Forum / Game - Abbreviations, Slang, Confusing Terms Guide And FAQ


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I have seen the slang word "nerf" used in the forums, I have not been able to figure out its meaning from context clues. Could you help?
In computer gaming, a nerf is a change to a game that downgrades the power, effectiveness or influence of a particular game element in the attempt to achieve balance. The term originated as a reference to the NERF brand of child toys, which are made to minimize possible damage.

The opposite is a "buff"


No, unfortunately not. :(

You can go to ElvenArchitect (I recommend going via ElvenStats, where you can import your city) and use a command to sell all streets on there, and then play around with the layout. But within the game, it is just a mindless clickfest.
Damn! mindless click fest is correct!


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It has been pointed out elsewhere that the term "boneyard" may mean different things to different players. There is at least one player, @Iyapo1 who describes multiple Moonstone Library sets as a boneyard. Other players, specifically @Enevhar Aldarion , use the term to describe buildings stored in the Summonings tab of the Inventory that are not needed in the city and are being held for future conversion to spell fragments, deriving from the term for a naval yard with decommissioned ships that have been mothballed and can be scavenged for parts or salvaged.

In either case, the term "boneyard" is primarily used to describe a source of spell fragments.
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I'm guessing there will be some additions soon to cover things like Sips of Clarity, Sorceries, Vitality Surges and the like.


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What does RSK stand for?