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Forums - Archive Beta Discussion Thread


Oh Wise One
Doesn't have to be frequent, but the Beta thread is 100 pages long, and it's hard for people to keep track of the info when it shows up in searches. If we can't have a folder, it would be nice to get it archived (locked) a couple of times a year and replaced with a new one, maybe a couple of times a year, the same day a new event drops on Beta?

When an announcement is posted to beta, say in November and May? Edit the title of the current beta thread to have something like "Archived May 15 2020" And lock it, then create a new Beta Discussion Thread.


Ex-Team Member
Your wish is my command @Ashrem !

....With modifications :) A new thread will not be made with every new announcement on beta but I am willing to have a new thread made with major announcements.

At the moment, I am thinking of every new chapter introductions, which comes out to a reset twice a year. I am open to a reset of four times a year though with defined criteria. Alternatively.... I can do it every 25 pages.

I am open to having a discussion on this.


Oh Wise One
Four times is more than I was expecting. My suggestion would be to pick two months and look for a reason to archive a month or so either side of that. (I mentioned November and May earlier, but am happy with new Chapters.)