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Free Donuts at 25 Characters!


New Member
Come join a light-hearted, friendly fellowship. No requirements other than have fun, (tho a healthy appreciation for all things Crustacean never hurts).

Apply through the fellowship page or message Kevin 907, Porcinus, or me directly for a faster response.
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That donut offer didnt attract hordes so maybe we should sweeten the offer - apply now and get sprinkles on the donuts!
3 spots open.
We actually require people to login and play at least once a month. I mean, thats about donut shelf life, right?


Well we got one more nut to join with that offer, so let's re-up this ad, as they do in Kijiji.
If one person joins now, we can change our name to 24 characters!




Haha, good luck with the recruitment efforts. I enjoy snacks, donuts included, but already have a good home. Also, you don't want to leave the donuts there too long, otherwise they may attract ants...;)
i dont think we have to worry about that!
though i have heard Ant Man has interesting superpowers...