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FS Seeking Active Members


FS Name has been changed: Here We Go

Easy going and friendly fellowship created for the purpose of being able to help out our fellow members with neighborly help at least 4x a week and good trades. Tournaments are also encouraged.

We also have recently started a forum outside the game. All members are encouraged to join for additional game info, tips, hints, etc.

>>>>>FS guidelines:<<<<<

* All members are required to be active (visit and help all members with neighborly help) at least 4x a week.

* Trades must be fair quality (2 stars) or better.

* Keep chat friendly and do not post personal info (specifically phone numbers & the like).

* If the Archmage or any Mage messages you - you must read the message and reply and at least acknowledge that it's been read. (This applies to "important - read & reply" messages.)

* Pay attention to the city name when visiting members and click on what is requested if available. Some will request culture or other help with certain indicators. C=culture, B= Builders Hut, M or MH= Main Hall. Please try to follow each person's bonus preference.

The guidelines are there to help us all out & benefit us in the game, so please follow them.

:) If this works for you, then please check us out, send the archmage a message with any questions you might have, and apply! We're here to help each other progress in the game & of course have FUN!!

**Prefer you to have: minimum score of 15,000 (ranking of 6000), at least 5 clickable culture items for NH visits, trader, magic academy, and barracks.**

FS Name: Here We Go
Archmage: Starisphere
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We are looking for ACTIVE players. If you play daily that's wonderful!! If you play 5-6 days per week, then that's great as well. Most of us play daily and we are looking for players to contribute to NH regularly and participate in our trades as well.

If you are boosted in marble or planks we would love, love, love to have you!!

Some of us enjoy chat, others do not, so the use of chat is all up to you.
Participation in the tournament is beneficial to the entire FS, so it is encouraged. I typically try different battle strategies and then message the FS with hints so that everyone can save their resources.

Come join us! Message me here or in the game with questions or interest in the FS. Thank you!!


This is a great Fellowship to be a part of. Very welcoming and helpful to all members, great knowledge base, and some funny convos if you do chat. Everyone is part of the team - we support each other's building efforts because it's fun to see everyone discover new things and open new chapters! Be sure to message Starisphere for info. You'll be glad you did.


If you are in chapter 3 or later and boosted in marble, we need you!!!!


Some of us enjoy chat, others do not, so the use of chat is all up to you.
Participation in the tournament is beneficial to the entire FS, so it is encouraged.
If you are boosted in MARBLE or SCROLLS or GEMS then we need you. (You don't need to be boosted in all 3 as a combination.)

Name of the FS has been changed to Here We Go.

Come join us!