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Implemented Give an option to skip the tutorial


Theres a reason 99% of the games have this option. Especially since this one isnt even optimized quite well, it teaches nothing about efficient building placement and overall game mechanics. Just add a skip button, all we need. It would take nothing away from the game experience and just add a way to skip the annoying "guide" which blocks you from doing anything else besides what its telling you. Very annoying.


We value your feedback and opinion. We will forward this to our development team


+1 Thou i dont find the tutorial here that bad (could be better) but it does teach the basics to any that haven't played this type of game

I'd personally skip it myself unless rewards warrented going thru it, but thats more quest focused here.


Maybe an option is to have the tutorial mandatory in first server (like this one) but then optional for added servers so those players already familiar with the game but wanting to enjoy more than one city don't have to go through it all again, and again and again each time a new server is opened :rolleyes:


I've also seen games where you can chose Verbose mode, or Terse mode. We sort of have that already, in that you can click on a quest mouseover if you want more information.

If we had "next" and "end" buttons on the current tutorial popups, that would probably suffice. Do you think anybody would ever want to go back and DO the tutorials once they'd skipped them?