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    Your Elvenar Team

Gold Spire Push Starts February 27th in Thornwood on Sinya!!!


Chef, Scroll-Keeper, and Buddy Fan Club Member
If you're a spire player who reaches at least high halls, and between fellowships (or in the wrong one) but aren't sure what's right for you, why not try Thornwood for the spire gold push week starting February 27? You'll be helping us out by filling a slot during our most important week, and earning diamonds and kp to boot. No worries if you're just passing through … we're grateful for the help.

Thornwood has a fantastic atmosphere and some unusual perks:

*Kp prizes won in spire gold push weeks (every 9 weeks; same week as steel tourney; all other weeks we reach silver in spire.)

*Your Thornwood anniversary celebrated each year (with more kp anniversary gifts!)

*Spire tips, tourney tips, and tutorials so that you can master whatever part of this game bugs you. We don't just set arbitrary minimums. We help you reach them. (And by the way, the minimums are easy … 1000 pts in tourney and in spire just make it to high halls during the push, even easier other weeks.)

*Virtual party at the top of the spire (if you're first, you get to choose the weekly dessert!)

*Each mage has a specific role and they do their jobs with kindness and caring, so you always know who to talk to in any situation (see our Overview). We take care of our members!

*An atmosphere of family and a generous, kindly outlook (only pre-arranged one star trades; otherwise two and three star. Visits at least 3x weekly unless you have a problem. Let us know!)

*We alternate between easy and "go for it" FAs, depending on our moods, and all are opt in and voluntary so no burnouts.

Check out the Overview for Thornwood to meet the team, get an idea of what we're about, and try us. You can drift in and out if you like as long as you are active when you're with us (and we always leave the light on for our wandering brothers and sisters!)

Marble, Crystal, Gems or Elixir a plus, but not a deal breaker if you don't have one of those.

Contact Darielle (2nd mage/spire mage) or Philmara (recruitment mage)


Thornwood is a magical place,
For those who play with vigor and grace,
Your efforts rewarded, your time well spent,
Among family and friends with an ethical bent,
And if you should wander far away,
The light will stay on, day after day,

The children of Thornwood, they come and they go,
No feelings of guilt, when they wish to know,
What's out there. .. Go try it! And then come back,
Our light will beckon to this familiar track,
And when you return, your friends will smile
Glad you're here for however long a while.

Thornwood will capture your mind and your soul,
While granting you freedom to try another goal,
We do not cling; we do not keep,
And yet, we remain in your mind, very deep.
Once you've known our camaraderie within
No matter your travels, your heart, we will win.

Come try us! You'll always return. I did. :)


Active Member
If I wasn't an A-mage in my own FS, I would be signing up. Great write-up Darielle! I'm sure you'll find a great person.


Chef, Scroll-Keeper, and Buddy Fan Club Member
If I wasn't an A-mage in my own FS, I would be signing up. Great write-up Darielle! I'm sure you'll find a great person.
Thank you, Hawk! I believe we just did! (Doing a happy dance).

The position is now filled. The last spot we are saving for someone who is returning next week. Thanks to everyone for their interest. This has been great. :)