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Golden Wolverines (recruiting)


New Member
Hello there! We currently have 2 openings in our Fellowship, Golden Wolverines. I'll copy and post our description for anyone who is interested in joining!!!

Beginners welcome.
What we do:
1. Weekly push for 10 chests in the tournament.
2. Everyone past level 3 needs to get to the first gate in the spire minimum.
3. Quests and FA's are voluntary, ask for advice if you are new to these.
4 Ancient wonder free help, give free AW KP points to the person in the fellowship list according to the date of the month.
5. Advertise when your AW is within 100pts of completion so that members can get chests. Be sure not bump anyone out of the chest list.
6. Give help once a day to fellowship members minimum, extra coins and supplies can come from help in the "notification" bell, and the world map "neighbors tab."

1. Be friendly and respectful and above all have fun.
2. If a member is inactive for 3 months they will be expelled.
3. Please 2 and 3 star trades only.

I have grown faster in this alliance than I did on my own, they are very active in accepting trades, giving advice, and trying to help each other out. I have loved my time here in the Golden Wolverines. Do come, join, and give us a try!!!


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New Member
we lost our lowest team mate (making me the new lowest) so we now have 3 openings! Come and dine with the Golden Wolverines. : )