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granite production


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Is there any way of getting granite other than producing it? Production is, maybe, 20. Demands for finishing steps in the tree are in the 10s of thousands. Is this some kind of mean joke to keep you stuck for the rest of your life?


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'K. Back armed with data. I must be missing some huge piece of info here 'cuz it all seems so ludicrous. Please help.

1. Am only on level 3 (out of 8) of dwarves
2. Have built (and upgraded to 2) six granite mines
3. Cannot upgrade any further w/o copper
4. Need 12,000 granite to complete box which will get me to copper
5. Can only produce granite @ 576/day
6. Will take 22 days to get the 12,000 that will let me even GET to working toward copper mines

I read somewhere that I should only build 5-6 granite mines and only 2-3 copper mines. Now, I have the space to build, probably, another 20 mines. Really, really don't want to do this. BIG question: So I'm going to have to spend dollars now in order to be able to play game further??

Sir Squirrel

Artist EXTRAORDINAIRE and Buddy Fan Club member
I think I had 12 granite and 6 copper Foundries, and the more granite mines the faster it goes. Also upgrading the portal and mines as quick as you can helps.
Half copper foundries to granite mines. ex. 12 granite/6 copper.
Edit : should mention the portal gets bigger every upgrade 2x2,3x3,4x4,5x5, but the mines and foundries stay the same size.
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Plus...don't like this stage.....wanna get to fairies and stay there forever.....

I'm in fairies now, and got there about a week into the Eldrasil's event. I swore then I was staying here until Christmas, lol! Started putting a bunch of kp into AW upgrades instead so it would go slower, lol! Not looking forward to Orcs at all.

You might find the info at Gems of Knowledge on the Dwarves chapter helpful: https://www.gamersgemsofknowledge.com/dwarves-chapter-vi
It will still be very slow going on granite, but it helps. I had 20 granite at lvl 3 and 10 copper at lvl 2. By the end, I was selling off copper and building more lvl 1 granite.

It was so expensive to upgrade granite past lvl 2, that I waited until I had too much copper and needed to use it somewhere while I waited on granite to upgrade to lvl 3.


Oh Wise One
Upgrading the granite mines and portal makes a big difference. You really want a minimum of 10 mines to finish in a reasonable time. As @Sir Squirrel said work on a 2:1 ratio of Granite to copper. If you upgrade the copper that is. Often people do not bother to upgrade copper to level 4. I had a town with 11 copper at level 1 and that was plenty. Now you are in the guest races you will regularly want to keep approx 15% of your town space for the guest races (some are more greedy than others).


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How could I forget?! Don't miss the link in Mykan's signature to his guide. It's a very comprehensive guide. He has a section on the Dwarves chapter that's very helpful, too!