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guardians of light seeking 2 members see below for info


Active Member
howdy howdy all.. a great is looking for a couple of great members
we are great group to be with and always try to help out if u need it just agree to our few rules below and contact me in game or Neamhain in game.. you can also leave a reply here if u need to...
game on and game hard

We're a group who enjoy a relaxed game & making/helping friends. AM doesn't like to have to enforce rules, but she will for the good of the FS. We utilize both FB and Discord - though it does seem that members forget and it's not very active. Tournaments Average 6-7 chests. Participation = at LEAST 300 points Attempt 10 every 4 wks. Participation = at LEAST 1200 points. Step taken due to previous members who would do less then 100 & receive rewards. FA - we don't go all out, but have always gotten all three chests. We do vote on whether we should play or not. AW - you have multiple round robin threads. You are not required to participate.