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Had a question re:gifts given from Innogames.


I recently received a gift of a culture unicorn! (Luv the unicorns, thought it was nice!) BUT, although it is considered that I have one account -- from the way it had been explained a year ago -- I have 2 separate cities in 2 separate worlds! Shouldn't they both receive a gift?
--Now, just a day or so ago rec'd a gift of DIAMONDS, yeah, kool, which works since the diamonds do get used for both accounts, going into one spot which is on both towns top banner far right. (I am just repeating what the support team explained to me a year ago when I bought diamonds on sale!)
-Also, besides the gift; I now am only receiving the sales specials in 1 town also, the 10% off diamond cost for expansion. Didn't show up in other town, can't use, so it seems. Also, the recent double diamond sale, though that goes in one 'pot' so to speak for both towns, it still should show in both-- it used to -- in both my towns in both worlds.
--I can't get diamonds often, but if I can I watch sales...usually buying enough for both towns as if they were separate accounts. Except my name...they are totally exclusive from one another.
--I usually contact support; have been treated well! But happened to be checking out new notifications for 2018. If anyone has same issue, would also be interested in hearing, even if no answer, will contact support probably later today!
--TY for listening; have a wonderful day and keep smilin! :) k4k