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Have some way to re-read the story


Well-Known Member
Summary: Provide a way to go back and view the story text (as presented in the main questline).
Details: Someone clearly spends a lot of time to write the flavour text for all of the main story quests, but sometimes you're just buzzing through quests (because a bunch completely at once) or you don't realize there is actually a story there because so many other games have very generic text there. Once the quest is finished, that lovely story text is gone forever. It would be great if there was a way to go back and read the story for the chapters/quests you have finished.

Yogi Dave

Well-Known Member
I've loved the story lines. Okay, some not so much, but in general they add to the flavor of the game. I've mentioned in my FS at times about a story line from an earlier chapter and some people past that one have not even known there was one or a person just entering the chapter hadn't noticed them, but they start reading them. I even had fun writing in the dirt when the orc king was coming. It was obvious they hated the fairies, so one day using footpaths I wrote something like "He loves fairies" and when he showed up, I changed it to "Yum fairy soup good" or somethin like that. Silly fun. :D

So, this is a great idea, but how to implement it? Some of the info comes from the person who slides in from the left and it's different people and it's important to know who said what. Think of a dwarve arguing with a fairy in the story line. Also, some of the info is in the quest dialog, though many times it is the same as was in the graphic just mentioned. Regardless of how it is implemented, it would be good to go back and see.

@Xelenia, I'm very glad you forwarded this and hope you reach 100% with your health.