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HELP...cant reach realm!


New Member
Got off, stopped by library and played first tourney round before coming home...where nightmare starts....
Got on computer to continue and clicked on the realms played in before noticing that it was not the one I am in.
Could not get to mine until I played tutorial in one that was wrongly placed for me...my bad for clicking and assuming they would only offer the one realm I play in.
Then they tried to offer me a new city in the realm I have played for past 4 months. so I left, reloaded and cannot get past 11 of 24 in Khelonarr.
If game is down, I can understand problem. Otherwise.....fix or return my investment!!!
I play one realm, and one city....


Oh Wise One
Finally got in...Now just gotta watch out so not accidently end up in other realm I was forced to do tutorial in.
If you're using the app, you need to make sure you pick U.S. as the country, or you may end up in the UK English game.

For using the web, the safest thing is to note your server ID, and go straight to that, instead of the base. server ID will be one of "us1", "us2", "us3", etc. in front of the elvenar.com