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i am looking for a more active fellowship..

druindar faric

Well-Known Member
well I have 3 cities one in felyndral 1 in ceravyn and 1 in areyndel if you would like to join one of them just look me up and ask to join if you would like


Active Member
Looking for more active players, come and check us out!

Presently looking for new ACTIVE members who play Tournaments regularly

We began in June 2018 and have been rapidly growing! We recently added a sister fellowship Fae Sidhe II. We work as a team and value communication and teamwork.
We are currently getting 10 Chests!

If you are interested in joining the team please apply to Lalariana or Shionnach, Thanks!
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Come join Songs of Experience, we are a merry bunch that could always use another fellow traveler.


New Member
Hi, Frank! I sent you a message through the game. I hope you will consider joining Excelsior Minor if you are looking for a new home. Druindar Faric is actually one of the mages for Excelsior Minor. If you have questions about our group, feel free to reach out to him, Janos Audron, Starkiller99, or myself. Any of us can help you. Our fellowship is growing...we'd love to have you grow with us. We are going places. ;)


New Member
Hi i am Frank, very young to this server but i allready have 1080 points at tournaments. Very soon i will be 1500 and more. I am not speccally interested in adventures but ok i play also... everyday help but not much talk.... https://www.elvenstats.com/player/us3/3599858
We are currently recruiting and would like to invite you to join us at Nicolins Domain. Please review our fellowship to see if you would like to become a member. We are a friendly membership with out all the pressures. If interested contact Mage Jaylari who will send you an invite. Happy Gaming and looking forward to welcoming you home :)