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Ideas and Suggestion Forum Guide

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Dear Elves and Humans,

Thank you for taking the time to provide us with ideas to improve Elvenar. As a dedicated community, it is important for your US Elvenar Team to be able to organize your ideas and work them out together with you. When sending in your ideas, read the following guidelines very carefully, and please allow us to give you some tips on how to use this section of the Elvenar forums.

  • Before posting your idea, please think about the following questions: Is it realistic? Does it bring added value? Does the Development Team have to change too much to the existing game? Can the Development Team time be well spent on another suggestion?
  • Keep checking your idea and the discussion around it, so you will be able to "convince" others about your idea.
  • Be flexible about your idea and open to criticism. Not every idea will be 100% perfect at the moment it is posted, but by discussing it together, we can come to a workable and realistic end result that can be forwarded.
  • Use a catchy title. The better your title, the more players will look at it and vote.
  • When discussing, only focus on the current suggestion made by the Orginal Poster. If you have a separate idea or suggestion, open a separate discussion for that particular concept.

To be able to categorize your ideas in an efficient way, please apply the corresponding prefix to your idea when posting it:

Battle: barracks; battle screen
City: city-view; construction; building characteristics; culture; new buildings
Communication: in-game communication; message system
New Game Features: completely new and/or game-changing ideas
Quests: quest characteristics; new quest lines
Research: research tree; new research ideas
Trader: filtering trades
User Interface: notifications; buttons; in-game links
World Map: scouting; finding players; neighborly help
Forum: for forum-related ideas
Other: anything that doesn't fit in the other categories,

This is the place you can share your new ideas and suggestions that could be used to improve Elvenar. We know that many of you have lots of great ideas for new additions to the world of Elvenar and we are always happy to read them.

If you want to share an idea, please follow the following suggestions, this allows others to better understand your idea and helps them to have a better discussion about your ideas. Therefore, it is strongly suggested to use this format when presenting your idea :

  • Thread Title: Make it short, clear, and descriptive with the appropriate prefix
  • Summary: Give a short summary of your idea (you can go into more detail after).
  • Details:
    • Explain more fully what the idea is and how it would work.
    • Consider adding visual aids, which can help in understanding what exactly you mean.
    • Do not clutter the idea. Remember this is what goes to the developers and it is important to keep in mind you are talking to them and not the people who will be discussing the idea and concept within your thread.
  • Benefits / Pros: Include why your idea would be beneficial. How will your idea help the gameplay for everyone, and not just you? What problem(s) would it resolve, if any?
  • Downsides / Cons: Include why your idea may negatively affect the game or the players. Will it require extreme implementation effort? What is a workaround, if any?
  • Miscellaneous: If there are questions you have about the idea that you wish others to help with, consider putting them in a post right after the initial post to help stimulate discussion in a desired and constructive direction.
Not all ideas will conform exactly to the pattern given here, but please follow it where you can. A consistent presentation format to the developers is desired.

*Remember, if the idea is something you feel should be expanded upon and the Original Poster is no longer active in maintaining the discussions and summary, please reach out to a Moderator. They will close the original thread and redirect to the newly established one. Alternatively, someone can take charge within the same thread and maintain the summary of the discussion and poll choices.*

When discussing ideas, we should not discredit other people for their ideas. If you disagree with an idea, or if you believe it wouldn't be great to have the suggested feature in Elvenar, that is of course not a problem, but you should phrase your replies in a constructive way. Treat others' ideas the way you would want yours to be treated.

Once the discussion comes to an end, please reach out to a Moderator or tag them within the thread to open a poll in order to have the idea processed.

The US Elvenar Team is reading your ideas and suggestions on a regular basis and is forwarding the ones with the most potential to be taken into consideration. To make sure it is a community decision, the following process will be followed:

  • The Moderator will open a poll in this section. He/She will also make sure that in the opening post, there is a short description of the Idea (as well as in the Thread Title) and all detailed information is included in the rest of the in-depth description in that opening post.
  • The poll will run for 14 days.
  • During the poll, the discussion can still continue if anyone feels they have something valuable to add.
  • However: No alterations can be made any more to the idea as it's stated in the opening post, so please refrain from coming up with new ideas at this stage.
  • Any idea that has 10 or more “IN FAVOR” votes greater than the “NOT IN FAVOR” votes at the end of the 14 day voting period will be forwarded.
  • Any idea that does not meet the requirement of the poll, will not be forward. This will avoid forwarding ideas that are not supported by the majority of the community.
  • If an idea meets the above-mentioned criteria, the thread will be moved to the "Approved Ideas & Suggestions" subforum.
  • If the idea does not meet the criteria, it will be rejected and the thread will be moved to " Ideas and Suggestions Archive ".
  • All other ideas will be moved to "Ideas and Suggestions Archive" as well (duplicates, unrealistic ideas, etc).
Please keep in mind that this, however, does not mean that everything that's been forwarded can or will also be implemented. The Elvenar Team gets a lot of suggestions, and always has to make choices about what to implement - on top of any ideas that they already have themselves!

To keep the forum section easy to navigate for everyone, the Elvenar Team will be archiving threads that haven't had an activity for more than a month on a regular basis. Also if an idea is just a complaint or certain to not be implemented, it can be archived as previously stated. Especially in the latter case, the Team will always try to give an explanation of why the decision to archive the thread was made. Should you have questions about why a thread was moved or just to clarify any confusion, you can of course always reach out to any of the forum moderation staff.

Kind regards,
Your US Elvenar Team
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There are some ideas which, though many agree would make life easier, have been categorically ruled out by the Development Team since, if they were implemented, they would change the essence of Elvenar.

  • Rotating Buildings - For starters, this ability will take away from the essence of the game. Can you imagine how easy the game will become if we can simply rotate the buildings' like puzzle pieces to fit as we wish? Additionally, design-wise, it is not possible making this a definite No.
  • Storing Buildings - Players can utilize the Teleport Spell, available through the Spire, to gain the ability to store buildings. There will not be a feature outside of the spell to store buildings.
  • Universal Artifacts - Unfortunately universal artifacts have been ruled out by the Development Team because it would be too easy for players to hoard the items and save them for a desired evolving building. The effect would defeat the point of events in general because an evolving building can be maxed when obtained. This was also publicly discussed in a Facebook Q&A. Regardless, they are aware of why the players seek this and will keep investigating the problem it is trying to solve.
If we hear of more ideas that are often suggested, and we already know that they won't be included in Elvenar, we will add them to this list for your convenience.
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