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Recruiting Ingary Academy Seeks 2 active players

Wizard Howl

We are 10+ chests, Silver Spire, top 10 FA. If you are an active player at any level but don't want the grind of the top fellowships, we might be your cup of strawberry beer! We are friendly, relaxed, super-helpful, and we take small cities. We ask for participation in all fellowship activities and fair trading (no cross trades!!). Right now we can't accept any planks players, but all other boosts welcome. Contact Wizard Howl in-game.


New Member
Joined Sept 16. To seekers out there : I've played Elvenar a year only,my only city,and am now chapter 9.Having been a gamer before; I didn't have many problems...except feeling at home somewhere...and I am still learning of course! I'm 69 yr old lady,several times a day player and I could Not find the Type of FS I REALLY wanted until now. So far- so very amazingly good for me in Ingary Academy!!! If you are very active and want a positive,game-informative,fun and intelligent chat,high level gamer leadership to grow with, (and everything our AM said); Join Us. :D I'm relaxed here and inspired here and feel free to be myself on chat.Finally! I wish you success in your search for the "right' FS. I Know how hard it can be!
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